Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation and Interior Painting in Morristown, NJ

Project Info

Location: Morristown, NJ
Scope of Work: Carpet removal, Prefinished hardwood floor installation, Interior Painting

It was time to say “farewell” to the green carpet in this Morristown, NJ living and dining room. The homeowners selected a rich, prefinished hardwood. Monk’s removed the carpet and installed the new hardwood flooring and painted most of the downstairs to complete the update.

Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation

Monk’s Method

Before work began, the hardwood flooring was brought into the living room to acclimate for four days prior to installation. This allows the floor to take on the humidity and temperature of the room. This is important because it prevents the boards from shrinking or expanding during installation, ensuring a proper “fit” without buckling or damaging the wood.

Although the flooring was prefinished, Monk’s carpenters cut the boards to size. While some experienced DIYers may be able to take on a project like this, typically it is best left to professionals who do this work every day. The tounge-and-groove boards were gently hammered into place. The fireplace is expertly framed with the new hardwood. The kitchen had wallpaper that the homeowners wanted removed and replaced with a fresh paint job. Care was taken to protect the kitchen cabinets and appliances from paper stripper, dust and paint.

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