Bay Window Conversion Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Bay Window Installation Basking Ridge NJ

Scope of work: Window Installation, Door Installation
Location: Basking Ridge, NJ  07920
Timeline: 4 days


This Basking Ridge, NJ home had two problems: a leaky back door, and a leaky bay window. Despite the homeowners making a few muscle attempts to lessen the leaking, they eventually gave us a call.  We replaced the leaky door with a brand new one. Then, we removed an unwanted bay window and converted it to lower-maintenance pair of double-hung windows. Monk’s completed both projects in only two days.

Bay Window Conversion

This bay window had suffered from years of exposure to the elements.  The wood was rotting, the paint was chipping, and it was time for a replacement.  The homeowners wanted to decrease the required maintenance and open up their deck space. For these reasons, they opted to convert their bay window to double hung windows.

To incorporate the shape of the new window our team boxed out the panels directly below the window with composite to make the bare spot look cohesive, despite the lack of original siding.

Back Door Replacement

The back door was a real eye-sore after the insulation attempts made by the homeowners. With Spring approaching, they wanted their back door to be both functional and attractive. We installed a new pre-hung door that was energy efficient and blended nicely with their back deck.

In only two days this Basking Ridge, NJ home got rid of its leaky door and weather damaged window.  Our team at Monk’s was able to deliver a fast replacement, giving this home a great new look.


See all the before and after photos of this window and door project here.

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