Project Description

Location:Madison, NJ  07940
Scope of Work:  Carpentry, Exterior Painting, Porch Renovation
Timeline: 10 days

This Madison, NJ home was in the midst of a large renovation when our team at Monk’s was called in to help with even more updates for the home.  Our team at Monk’s was called in to perform an exterior paint job on the home, as well as provide updates for their front porch. In only ten days our team had painted this home’s exterior, installed a new beadboard ceiling for the home’s front porch, replaced and stained new porch floor boards, and installed new six inch gutters.

Monk's Method

For the exterior painting portion of this project our team at Monk’s worked with the designer who was coordinating the large scale home renovation.  The designer had developed a two toned look for the home’s exterior and our team at Monk’s was able to execute just the look they were hoping for!As always our team prepped the home’s exterior for painting, ensuring that all surfaces were cleaned and smoothed.  Once the house is prepped our team will apply a coat of primer, followed by two full coats of paint. Besides the new exterior paint job our team at Monk’s also made some new changes to the Madison, NJ home’s front porch. After years of wear and tear this front porch was in need of new flooring. Our team completely removed all of the existing floor boards, leaving only the porch’s framework remaining. Once all of the old floor boards were removed our team installed, sanded, and stained, brand new mahogany boards for this home’s front porch. Our team at Monk’s also installed a new beadboard ceiling for this home’s front porch.  Once the new ceiling was installed our team of painters gave it a fresh paint job, giving it a crisp new look. In just ten days our team completely transformed the look of this home’s exterior with a brand new exterior painting job, new gutters, new wooden floor boards for the front porch, as well as a new porch beadboard ceiling!

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After - Exterior Painting and Porch Renovation
Before - Exterior Painting and Porch Renovation