New Stair Installation in Florham Park NJ

Project Info

Location: Florham Park, NJ
Scope of Work: Carpentry

When these customers upgraded their kitchen windows to slider doors, they needed access to their backyard. We built them a brand new set of stairs out of pressure-treated wood. Now, these homeowners are able to walk straight out to their backyard. The dog appreciates it, too!

New Wide Back Stairs
New Wide Back Stairs

Monk’s Method

While the carpentry work required for this job wasn’t extensive, the job still required a permit and inspections. Because this is a new stair installation project, permits are required. Firstly, we dug the footings. An inspection was required after this step. Then we were able to frame the subfloor of the structure. Another inspection to make sure everything is solid and level. Finally, we were able to complete the carpentry work by installing the decking, treads, railings, and lattice. And one last, final inspection!

Now, these pressure-treated steps are fully functional and ready to go and this new stair installation project is nearly complete. We will be back in the Spring to stain the stairs to better match the house.

More Exterior Carpentry Projects

Our carpenters can provide all types of exterior carpentry projects. From small repairs like replacing rotted trim, to more involved projects like building this new two-story deck.  Our carpenters can build porticos, restore porches, and install hand-cut railing systems.

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