Replacing Wood Deck Railing with Composite in Madison, NJ

replacing wood deck railing

Scope of Work: Deck Railing System Replacement
Timeline: 3 days
Location: Madison, NJ

The homeowners had been doing everything right in order to best maintain their wood deck and railing. Every few years they had us over to sand and paint and it was in good condition. Then Superstorm Sandy hit and a large branch fell on a portion of the railing. A large section of railing was completely missing from this wrap-around deck.

While we could have repaired the existing railing with wood, the homeowners took this opportunity to replace their entire wood railing system with composite. Composite has the appearance of real wood, but requires very little maintenance. Painting isn’t necessary. Simply clean with a hose. Understandably, this maintenance plan was a lot more appealing to the homeowners.

Replacing Wood Deck Railing

We began by carefully removing all the existing wood railing. We didn’t want to damage the deck floorboards which weren’t being replaced. The posts were removed next.  The new posts would be installed slightly further in to accommodate the base cap for this style of composite.

While the overall look of the railing isn’t very different, the composite railing should last for many years with just simple cleaning.

The railing now wraps around completely with the attractive and easy to maintain composite railing system. The homeowners are now able to enjoy some BBQ and lemonade out on their safe and sturdy deck.

See all the before and after photos of this deck railing replacement project here.

Is a railing repair or upgrade in your future? Maybe a new deck is something you’re considering? We’ve built decks from natural wood as well as composite materials. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you and see if we can help you best enjoy the summer months! Call 973-635-7900 to schedule a free decking estimate.